My presentations in 2019

My presentations in 2019

I will present Deep Ecology: The Enchanted Compass at the June 2019 Pari Dialogue, “Re-enchanting the World”. It will be my fourth visit to the Pari Center in Tuscany since 2006, and my first as a presenter. I feel greatly honoured, not least because of my admiration for F. David Peat and his successor as director, Shantena Augusto Sabbadini. My wife, Yuriko Sato, will also present The Sense of Wonder: Being Connected with the Enchanted World there. 

In August I will present Encountering the Anthropocene: Fear of the Unknown versus Need for Metanoia at the 21st International IAAP Congress, “Encountering the Other: Within Us, Between Us, and in the World” in Vienna.

Just a week later, in September, I will be one of (as of now) three invited presenters at the third Kaleido Retreat in Switzerland. Describing itself as a community for transdisciplinary, intergenerational and cultural exchange, Kaleido originated from the ETH’s Cortona Week which was run for ETH students between 1985 and 2017.

I am pleased to be able to travel to all three of these events by train.

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